Introducing e-assess

An online assessment system specifically designed for RTOs.

e-assess features:

  • Self-marking assessment questions
  • Paperless assessment administration
  • No photocopying, collating or filing
  • Instant feedback for each question

e-assess benefits:

  • Trainers free to train
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Overall time and cost saving
  • Immediate results

Why we developed e-assess

Working with many RTOs, we identified three time consuming functions associated with assessments which we thought were too costly.
1. Printing paper theory assessments
2. Marking paper theory assessments
3. Scanning and filing paper assessments or storing hardcopies

    e-assess is an online assessment platform developed for Registered Training Organisations in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector specifically to eliminate paper-based assessments. e-assess uses well designed select response questions which have many benefits including:

  • They mark themselves
  • The answers are objective
  • They do not disadvantage poor readers and writers

e-assess offers significant features and benefits for RTOs to consider. Whilst there are a number of online assessment systems on the market, the use of the available technology we have today, allows us to create a more sophisticated assessment system with self-marking questions meaning immediate results and less administration. We have written hundreds of effective objective test questions using Multiple Choice questions, True/False questions, Matching questions and Sequencing questions. e-assess provides a scalable solution to the time-consuming manual processes currently required to print, mark and store assessments.

e-assess is currently in the final stages of extensive testing for HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation and HLTAID003 Provide first aid.

e-assess can also be used to take your existing theory assessments online for any other course. Use our questions or yours or a combination of both. A trial first aid assessment is now available for you to sample. Please log your interest and details through Contact Us or Like and Follow us on social media.

How e-assess works

For the course assessments we have written, all questions are self-marking i.e. select response style.

  • The RTO is approved to access a course assessment (such as first aid)
  • The RTO manages the registration of their own learners and generates the learner’s login
  • The learner receives an email with their login details
  • The learner completes the assessment at their own pace
  • The learner can login and out as many times as they wish
  • The learner has two attempts at each question
  • If the learner answers incorrectly the first time, they are prompted with a ‘Tips’ linked to the learning material
  • Learners receive immediate results and feedback throughout the assessment
  • A fully automated system with the final result forwarded to the RTO
  • We do the validation with our expert panel
      If deficiencies in knowledge remain after the assessment is completed, the RTO must address these matters with the learner (deficiencies are clearly identified in the result). Wheretofromhere is the Administrator or Host of e-assess providing a secure platform. RTOs are billed on the number of logins they generate. Functionality is simple and easy to follow with step by step instructions, regular feedback and tips during the assessment.