11 October 2010

Back in 2004 when TAA40104 first came into play, I recall some aggressive marketing based on ‘you have to transition to the new qualification otherwise you won’t be compliant’. I also remember receiving many calls from people about the truth in this. Well we found out it was just that, marketing. The other favourite around that time was another misconceived idea that in order to run an RTO you had to have the Diploma of Training and Assessment (TAA50104) which we also found out was inaccurate.

Fast forward to 2010. I have already seen plenty of advertising offering bridging or upgrade courses from TAA to TAE. One of our clients even told us that she received an enrolment form from an RTO already completed, requiring only a signature and payment. Before rushing off consider a few things.

The NQC determination made on 17 June 2010, which you will find as appendix 2 in the AQTF User Guide, outlines that the BSZ40198 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training will be finally laid to rest in June 2012. So anyone who is relying on the old BSZ qualification to (partially) address AQTF 1.4 will need to make the transition. It further states that the decision made by NQC on 18 December 2009 which is appendix 3 to the User Guide, will hold until June 2012. This means that there is no immediate requirement to upgrade from TAA to TAE. What is being sold around these determinations is that TAA is to be retired by 2012. That is not correct.

Many will tell you that as part of a planned approach to professional development, people usually go through that ‘upgrading’ process anyway and I agree that should always be a consideration. Again it is worth being patient as IBSA have not yet finalised the mapping of individual units between the two packages. The TAE package gives us some guidance, but at recent workshops run by ISBA, the Skills Council representatives told people that the mapping of units was underway. IBSA have also made available on their website a self assessment tool to assist people. This can be found by following the link . . .

http://www.ibsa.org.au/products-and-services/tabid/57/txtSearch/cp-tae/List/0/productid/2313/Default.aspx? SortField=DateCreated+DESC,ProductName

IBSA also confirm that they have outlined that there is NO RUSH to transition from TAA to TAE. From the IBSA website:
“IBSA would further like to draw the attention of all RTOs and current holders of TAA04 and BSZ98 qualifications to the guidance provided in the bulletin: It is important to note that the new policy includes provision for trainers and assessors to „demonstrate equivalent competencies‟. In other words, it is not the NQC’s intention to require trainers and assessors to upgrade their formal qualifications if they are able to demonstrate they have gained the required competencies through continued professional practice. (emphasis applied by IBSA)”.

I believe that generally, as a sector, when it comes to our training and assessment qualifications, we have been perhaps focussed too much on credentials. A training and assessment qualification held by a practising trainer and assessor who has a clearly structured approach to achieving professional development in both their area of expertise and in training and assessment generally, would more than likely be vocationally competent.