1 May 2012

Without too much fanfare, a new AQF was introduced to the VET sector back in July 2011 and with so many other changes happening simultaneously at that time, it went largely unnoticed. In the last VET Gazette we mentioned that we would provide a summary of the changes and I must say I was ready to do that until I read an article recently which seemed somewhat confusing. This is a summary, NOT a full analysis and before we look at some specifics, I am somewhat bemused as to why some bodies or people in the sector feel the need to keep changing the terminology we use. In this case, the names of the various ‘bits of paper’ a person is entitled too can be, well, confusing.

Firstly let’s look at some obvious changes.

The AQF now includes a number of new requirements for RTOs and it is a reminder that the AQF is part of the overall framework and it is NOT just the AQTF or SNRs that RTOs need to comply with. From the outset, please also note that the AQF applies across the entire tertiary sector and you’ll note that some of the changes are aimed more at the higher education part of the tertiary sector.

What is new for RTOs, or at least clarified is:

  • AQF Qualifications Issuance policy
  • AQF Qualifications Pathways policy
  • AQF Qualifications Register policy
  • AQF Qualification Type Addition and Removal Policy