Initial RTO Accreditation
Question and Answer

What would be a realistic budget for your RTO consultant to take a basic private company from scratch to fully accredited RTO and what would be a realistic time frame?


Hello Bruce and thank you for your question.

The answer is not an easy one and it depends a lot on what scope of registration you want i.e. what you want to deliver and assess and how many. Some qualifications/units have learning and assessment materials which can be purchased and some must be developed from scratch. I would not recommend relying on purchased materials without at least checking them.

It’s difficult to give you a figure on costs without knowing your specific requirements in relation to resource development, the number of units etc, application fees to ASQA, insurances or travel and associated costs. Our Consultant Tony Feagan is happy to meet with you to discuss your specific requirements if you wish and can set you up from scratch with a whole system, policies and procedures etc.

In relation to time frames these are determined by the national regulator (ASQA) and is now approximately 3-6 months after application. The application fee starts at $8,800 but this will depend on how many courses you wish to register for.