Lead Auditor Mr Tony Feagan is one of Australia’s most experienced RTO auditors conducting over 1200 audits nationwide. He started his audit career in 2001 when the Australian Recognition Framework (ARF) was the regulatory framework. As the Manager of the Queensland Audit team at that time, in 2002 he introduced the AQTF to Queensland RTOs and has since gone on to represent the Queensland Government, the National Audit and Registration Agency (NARA) and the other regulatory authorities as a Contract Auditor. With over 1200 RTO and GTO audits, he maintains his certification with Exemplar Global as a Lead Auditor. Wheretofromhere? offers audit services to all RTOs regardless of their size or complexity of scope. Auditing services include CRICOS and various funding model audits as well as general RTO compliance and educational audits.

Being a part of the VET Reform Taskforce who conducted the consultations on the 2015 new standards when they were in draft form, his knowledge of a range of different training businesses was considered in the development of the standards to ensure they were able to be adopted by all RTOs. 

By conducting an internal audit of your RTO systems and processes, Wheretofromhere? can provide detailed feedback and make recommendations to ensure compliance with the standards. 

Anthony Feagan-Diploma of Quality Auditing

Exemplar Global Certification for Tony Feagan