In today’s regulatory system, Registered Training Organisations must address the requirements of the standards at the first rectification attempt, rarely being afforded a second opportunity.

With over 20 years’ experience in Vocational Education and Training regulation, Mr Tony Feagan has personally conducted over 1200 Registered Training Organisation audits and understands what evidence Auditors are seeking when they write reports. Tony has written many responses to address ASQAs rectification requirements and says ‘it pays to be meticulous to ensure the response is right the first time’.

We offer expert advice for Registered Training Organisations experiencing difficulties meeting their compliance requirements. In the current regulatory environment where we see unpredictable, inconsistent and often arbitrary application of audit standards, RTOs are finding it more and more difficult to meet the standards and remain compliant. We have represented numerous Registered Training Organisations in legal matters and have helped hundreds more with their audit rectifications, re-assessments, re-consideration submissions and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and court preparation. You can be sure that we give your requirements the attention it requires with the greatest attention to detail.